UP: We spend too much time looking at our hands and feet.

Up is a 30 minute site specific video installation created for Dallas Aurora 2014. The video is comprised of photographs taken while hiking the back woods of Yosemite National Park.
The premise is simple ... we spend too much time looking at our hands and feet and not enough time looking UP. By mirroring the images of treetops and projecting them onto a horizontal surface, this simple shift and change of perspective illustrates the otherworld quality of simply looking UP.

Waters is a collection of short videos taken of bodies of water while traveling. It was projected onto a concrete wall as part of the Dallas Aurora 2013.
This project is an indulgent exploration into the lush nature of water. It explores how water -  vast lakes, park fountains and even a small muddy puddle contain a complex visual experience filled with color, patterns and undulating rhythms.