Autotrophic Pond Scum is a wall installation that was the inspired in part by the life forms living on the surface of pond water. Each organism is made of high fired, unglazed ceramic and measures around 4" x 6". The over all dimension of the installation varies in size depending on the spacing and number of organisms used.

Clone Sequence takes the idea of an individual organic organism and clones it into a colony. By using a ceramic slip casting system, the organism is recreated over and over. The diversity of the organisms is derived from the natural fluctuation inherent in glazing and multiple firings in a gas kiln.

Each organism measures 3" x 4". The overall dementions of the wall installation varries in size depending on the spacing and number of organisms used.

The Blob Files Project was inspired in part by a visit to Donald Judd’s studio in Marfa, TX and in part by a retrospective of Robert Smithson’s work at the Dallas Museum of Art.  In each case, what I had previously perceived as dry conceptual blocks and mounds was instead revealed to be loaded with humorous, optical manipulations. The sort of optical flipping that is common in a dyslexic experience. 

The Blob Files consist of units with each containing twelve 7”x 5” low relief sculpture panels. These panels represent the blank space around a sculptural object. Think of them like a photographic negative. They document the opposite of what is seen.

When installed, the Blob Files fluxuate as light changes across the surfaces.
In a low diffused light, the panels appear as pale drawings on flat white squares. As the room brightens the concave spaces create shadows, defining the viewers knowledge and response. In a stark, bright light, the contrast of shadow and light shifts to a graphic quality suggestive of calligraphy.

The money shot occurs when the light is just right ... when the highlights and the shadows flip causing the hollow areas to become solid and the solid plains to become voids. Once the eye accepts that hollow spaces are sold, the panels transform into specimen jars each containing an object floating in an atmospheric void.
This flipping from one truth into the next is the targeted dyslexic effect. 

Loops is an exploration into the succulent world of cast resin and sensual shapes. It's hard not to put one of the suggestive candies in your mouth.
Each Loop measures 1.5" x .5". The overall wall installation has varied in size from small groupings of three to larger installations of 3000 pieces. 

This collection of Tree Projects was executed at the La Reunion Artist Residence as part of three site specific installations that focused on using invasive plant species as as sculpting material.