BRAD FORD SMITH uses organic, abstract forms to focus on how the eye and mind translate information, and how visual experiences and thought processes are altered naturally and mechanically. 
Brad's artwork has been exhibited throughout Texas and Chicago, where he resided shortly after graduating with a BFA in painting and printmaking from the Kansas City Art Institute.
Brad is a third generation Texan. His Grandfather Smith built several homes in Abilene, Texas that now have historic markers. His parents were accomplished artists in thier own right and worked in early television set designs for programs such as WFAA Chanel 8 News and the Mr. Peppermint Show. Brad purchased his childhood home/his parent's studio several years ago and restored the original sculpture studio plus added an art conservation studio. 
As the owner of Studio Six Art Conservation, Brad has developed a wide range of skills in order to replicate the artistic intent of the historic artifacts he restores. He specializes in the conservation of objects including ethnographic and utilitarian artifacts for various museums and collectors. He is a professional Associate of the American institute for Art Conservation and president of the North Texas Association for Art Conservation.
He is a guest blogger on KERA Art & Seek, as well as blogging about his own creative passions at the Dyslexic Ramblings About Art And Life.