Jumbo, The Dallas Mammoth by Tom Tischler. Based on a mammoth excavated somewhere in Dallas. Installed in front of the Natural History Museum in Fair Park in 1936 for the Centennial Exposition. A wonderful museum which closed not long after the Perot Museum of Nature and Science opened in 2014.

Henry Moore's Vertebrae was renamed The Dallas Sculpture when it was installed in front of the new City Hall in 1979. I've always found the name change to be an insult, but maybe Henry was laughing as he walked away with bulging pockets of cash...

Genius of Telegraphy by Evelyn Beatrice Longman 1017. Originally installed on top of the Bell phone building in Manhattan. it was the second highest sculpture in New York. The first being the Statue of Liberty. AT&T moved it to a parking lot in the bronx and then to their headquarters in downtown Dallas. It now sits in the AT&T Discovery District. Beatrice also carved the eagles on the Washington BC Lincoln Memorial.

Drinking craft beer and drawing at Craft and Growler, Dallas, Tx.

This memorial at the Big Thicket at White Rock Lake commemorates the hard work done by the Civilian Conservation Corps 1935-1942. The plaque doesn't mention the artist but reads "We can work together for a better future for all"

Mexico City bus station, waiting for our bus to Puebla.

Rooftop drink and drawing at San Pedro Art Museum, Puebla, Mexico.

House in the Bishop Arts district, Oak Cliff TX. I drew this to commemorate a friends beautiful house before they sold it and moved to Mexico. As I sat in my truck drawing, the Covid 19 lockdown was announced on the radio.


A snack, drink and a drawing at Eight Bells Ale House.

Tip jar and foreign money collection pole at Small Brew Pub, Dallas TX. Sadly they closed in 2019. The beer was good and the fried wild mushroom were incredible.

Based on a google satellite view, this drawing celebrates the continued construction of my friends wonderful home in Santa Fe.


A collection of early postcards 2016 which have all found new homes so all I have is this one sad photo of them...