The Desk Top Drawings Project (DTD) consists of 3 phases. Each phase documents the transformation of a simple drawing inserted into a system where information is added and subtracted based on a non-objective, subconscious idea of harmony. At the end of each phase the resulting drawings become the inspiration for the next phase.

Phase 1 began with a simple pencil drawing on the white melamine surface of a worktable. The drawing was reworked and reinterpreted over a period of twelve months. The changes made to the drawing were digitally photographed.

In Phase 2, ink jet prints were made of the digital photographs. These prints were reworked and reinterpreted using pencil, ballpoint pen, gesso, and lacquer. These changes were digitally photographed.

Phase 3 repeats the process of Phase Two, generating an ink jet print of a photo of a reworked photo of a photo of a drawing. These prints were reworked and reinterpreted using colored pencils, ink, lacquer, wood stain and collage.

DTD creates a system where documentation is an integral part of the creative process. The project records not only the process of reinterpretation but also documents the natural degradation of an image going through multiple reproduction cycles.