UP is based on simple premise .... we spend too much time looking at our hands and feet and not enough time looking up. This concept is illustrated using mirrored images of treetops projected onto a horizontal surface. This simple shift and change of persepctive illustrates the otherworld quality of simply looking up.
The main body of UP is comprised of photographs taken while hiking the back woods of Yosemite National Park. Surrounded by some of the most beautiful landscape in Northern America it was the physicality of always looking up that brought to mind a similar experience when I first visited New York City with its towering skyscrapers. That thought brought to mind downtown Dallas, which in turn linked my thoughts to the brick and cement walls of the Aurora Dallas art event.
Aurora Dallas is a one night art exhibition located in the Dallas Arts District. It focuses on new media artworks such as light, video, performance, and sound.The 2014 event hosted 95 art installation created by local, national and international artists.
UP was created for this event as a digital projection project. The complete project contains 63 images split into three groups; Yosemite, St. Francis and White Rock.